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Since our inception, Bowen Project Management have been providing our clients with a high level of service, care and expertise. 

Bowen Project Management (BPM) is a boutique project management consultancy firm that services all development project sizes and types.

With over 30 years combined experience in the construction industry, BPM has established an experienced team with extensive portfolio. With the unique experience ranging from architecture, construction and development, BPM vision is to deliver projects tailored to client’s needs and desired outcomes.

BPM works with clients collaboratively through all phases of a development – including post completion – and understands the importance of an open relationship with all stakeholders and parties of all development types. This ensures the optimum financial and experience outcomes for developers and clients.

BPM prides itself on a personal approach ahead of standard by-the-numbers services mentality. This approach, in conjunction with the experience outlined above, allows clients to enjoy the entire development process safe in the knowledge that development risk is minimised, and profit is maximised.

In summary:
• Client requirements and needs understood
• Clients provided with hands on service all hours of every day
• Client risk minimised
• Client profit maximised

Graham Profile BPM Bowen Project Management

Graham Bowen

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Graham has attained, from 13 years’ experience within the commercial building industry as a Contract Administrator, Project Manager and  Construction Manager. He is experienced with all types of projects including large scale high rise residential, commercial, industrial and retail.  Adding that to the past 12 years as a client-side project manager, Graham has the intimate and precise knowledge and expertise required that allows projects to be developed within desired budgets and timelines.

Ruth Dooley BPM Bowen Project Management

Ruth Dooley
Project Manager

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Ruth Dooley has over 8 years of experience as a registered Architect, coupled with 2 years in Project Management. Her expertise ranges from retail, mixed-use, commercial, and residential projects to more recent endeavors in social housing, healthcare, and childcare. Ruth exhibits a keen interest in solving complex problems, and her adeptness in developing innovative solutions has proven invaluable in her capacity within project management and delivery.

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